80% of enterprise data
is unstructured,
unknown, unused.

It's time to tap this gold mine to Grow Your Sales Relationships

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About Us

Introducing Rene’

Rene’ is an easy to use mobile-based next-gen sales productivity platform. It mines your organisation’s internal and external sources of data. Rene’s proprietary AI algorithm identifies all intelligent threads of relationships and intents from multiple sources of information and provides actionable insights.

Easy to Set up

It only takes 10 mintues to set up. Simply login with your email ID & Rene’ is good to go.

Easy to Use

Rene' uses Natural Language Processing, It understands your sales world just like a human would!

5x more effective

Traditional CRM use structured data. Rene’ works with unstructured data which comprises of 5x more organisational information


How Rene’ helps you work better

Sales teams love Rene’

Be better prepared for meetings

Stay on top of every topic of discussion with clients, emails, chats, external intelligence about your client as well as personal notes - both written and voice.

Waste no productive time

Skip time wasted on updating traditional CRM systems. Simply pick up your mobile, speak to Rene’ and your task is done.

Collaborate with teams better

Help your teams to stay on top of the game through real time sharing and dissemination of sales insights and actions with each other.

Senior Managements love Rene’

Rene' helps you institutionalise your sales relationships data in an efficient manner.

Rene' helps you tap into your organisation’s goldmine of unstructured data and glean unprecedented levels of sales insights.

Rene' helps you obtain higher compliance and adoption figures with no requirement for training


How Rene’ Works

Rene’s proprietary AI algorithim captures all sources of unstructured and structured data in your enterprise.

Rene’ understands your work life, it understand all your existing sources of information. So you don’t have to make the effort of entering data yourself.



OCR powered
Image Reading

Personlised Voice notes

API hooks into email,
CRM and other data sources

Conxtextual internet scrapes

Rene’ provides you relevant and timely insights so you can ace every client interaction.


Who’s Using it

Team Members

Meet Our Team

Group of Advisors

Shantanu Bhowmick

Chairman and CEO,
Consus Global, Singapore

Adarsh Dikshith

Chief Financial Officer,
TheMathCompany, India

Erik Markman

Vice Chairman Of The Board,
Camfil, Sweden

Sandeep Tayagi

Chairman & CEO,
Estee Capital, USA


Our Colleagues

MD & Co-Founder
Rantej Singh

Better Done Than Perfect

MD & Co-Founder
Shishir Kapoor

Satisfaction - a problem well-solved, a job fully done, a fresh target set up.....

CTO & Co-Founder
Som Dutta

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Pankaj Kothari

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Baqir Khan

Nothing in life is worse than being ordinary.

Nidhi Sahu

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself, work harder post that.

Syed Asnal Rizvi

To achieve remarkable, one has to prepare to be wrong.

Nikhil Paruchuru

Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

Business Analyst

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.



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